Monday, July 31, 2017

MBTA Towers and Monopoles

The MBTA issued a license in 2014 to a wireless service company to provide commuter rail riders with better WiFi service. Today, I told the T’s Fiscal and Management Control Board about the concerns that I and others have about the impact that this project may have on the communities that the rail runs through.

The contract calls for 320 towers to be erected along the lines of some 80 cities and towns. Local officials and residents have decried the little to no communication they have had with the wireless company. I presented the chairman of the board, Joseph Aiello, with a letter that I wrote to outline concerns about the project including the potential outmoded technology, the exclusive use of T property for a lean payback to the authority, and of course the negative impacts on residents. Brad Hill and I introduced several Selectmen and town officials from communities that we serve. Here is the letter - Tarr letter to the MBTA