Friday, April 11, 2014

Statement on the Passage of a Natural Gas Leaks Bill

Yesterday I released the following statement regarding the passage of S.2073, An Act relative to natural gas leaks:

“Today’s passage by the Senate of S.2073, An Act relative to natural gas leaks, is an important step for public safety and our environment.  When Wayne Sargent’s house exploded in January, 2009 in Gloucester we all saw firsthand the devastating consequences of gas leaks.  Through this legislation we can put in place a classification and management system that will not only compel timely and effective responses to leaks that pose immediate threats, but also cause the systemic and effective replacement of an aging transmission system that often causes those leaks in the first place.

            Wayne has been a critical force in getting this bill passed.  His inspiration, motivation, and thoughtful suggestions have been valuable assets in the legislative process.

            Hopefully we can now advance the bill engrossed by the Senate today swiftly through final passage and onto the Governor’s desk to become law.”


* Photo Caption:

Gloucester Police Officer Wayne Sargent, whose house exploded in January 2009 due to a natural gas leak, stands with Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) in the Senate Chamber after the passage of S.2073.