Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Restoring Burnham's Field

This past Saturday I joined with Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante and Mayor Carolyn Kirk to announce the funding of over $345,000 dedicated funds to restore Burnham's Field in Gloucester. The restoration project was awarded $195,109 by the Natural Resource Damages Assessment and Restoration Program provided by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the city will fulfill its commitment to provide a match of $150,000 from Federal Community Development Block Grant funds to design and construct the renovations.

Key components of the Burnham's Field Restoration Project include:

• Improved lighting to increase accessibility and to better monitor the park;
• A water playground to be utilized during the summer months;
• Freshly planted trees to provide shade for spectators; and
• Neighborhood gardens to be used for the planting of flowers, fruits, vegetables and other plants.

The funding that is offered through the Natural Resource Damages Assessment and Restoration Program is a result of an order by the Suffolk Superior Court on March 10, 2010 requiring the distribution of approximately $747,000 in surplus funds from the closure of the Rubinchuk landfill in Middleton. The program offers a competitive process for Essex County communities for the construction of community gardens and neighborhood parks that have suffered disproportionate environmental degradation.

Posted below are some photos taken of Saturday’s announcement.