Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Remember to Register to Vote!

Today marks the last day anyone can register to vote in this year’s upcoming elections. You can register to vote by visiting your local town clerk’s office or at any Registry of Motor Vehicles office. The act of voting is a tremendous responsibility entrusted in every individual who is at least 18 years of age.

After the American Revolution in 1783, our forefathers recognized the importance of a society able to elect its own representation of leaders, and now, nearly 230 years later, the United States stands as a true beacon of democracy. The American voting process serves as a model for both fledgling countries, and nations of great history. Voting is a tradition and honor that makes our country so great. Essentially, voting equates to freedom, and freedom is the very fiber with which this country is sewn together.

I hope you will join with me in being an active and engaged voter and make our democratic process strong. If you haven’t yet registered to vote, please make some time available today to do so. Please click here to read more information about registering to vote at the Secretary of State’s website.