Thursday, October 4, 2012

Enjoying the Willowdale Estate

Years ago if you had visited the Willowdale Estate, you would have found a building that had fallen in disrepair due to years of neglect and harsh weather. However, due to a state program called the Historic Curatorship Program that creates a unique public-private partnership, the estate has been returned to its former grandeur through the dedicated work of Gerald Fandetti, Charlotte Fandetti, and Briar Fandetti-Forsythe.

Not wanting to see the mansion fall into further disrepair, the Fandetti’s answered the call by not only repairing the mansion and the Coach House but also manage and maintain the estate, and on Tuesday night it was on full display. I was honored to attend the Willowdale Estate Coach House ribbon cutting and the 5th anniversary party of its grand reopening. Attendees of the party listened to a swing band while dressed in traditional 1920 attire, creating a fun and energetic evening.

To learn more about the Willowdale Estate please click here. Posted below are several photos of Tuesday’s event.