Friday, September 30, 2011

Expanded Gaming Debate

On Monday, September 26th the Senate began debating Senate Bill 2015, “An Act Establishing Expanded Gaming in the Commonwealth”. Thus far debate has been completed on 82 of the 182 amendments that have been filed regarding the bill. 28 of those were approved.

Some important amendments that passed include one that would provide a “cooling off period” of one year before a legislator who leaves office could acquire a position at a casino or an applicant for a casino license, another that would provide surrounding communities an avenue to express support or opposition of a casino site location, and one that would eliminate the ability for a council on aging to use state funds or property to support trips to and from an out-of-state casino. Amendments which I have filed that are awaiting floor action include provisions to use some proceeds from expanded gaming to reduce the sales and income taxes, and to reform education aid for our local school districts.

Debate for expanded gaming is expected to continue next week. To read the actual language of the bill and the status of the amendments please click here. A summary of the bill is posted below.

SWM 2011.09.16 Gaming as Redrafted