Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Informing the WMRA Advisory Board About Regional Efforts to Sustain the Ipswich River Watershed Through Collaboration

Yesterday, I attended the WMRA Advisory Board to discuss the regionalization of water north of Boston. Recently, multiple communities, water suppliers, not-for-profit organizations, the region's federal legislative delegation, and facilitators from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation we signed a historic charter agreement to reach solutions to achieve water supply resilience and ecosystem health. 


I am grateful to the many legislators in our region for their help as task force convenors and for providing legislative support:

  • Senator Brendan Crighton 
  • State Senator Diana DiZoglio 
  • State Senator Barry Finegold 
  • State Senator Cindy Friedman 
  • Senator Jason Lewis 
  • Senator Joan B. Lovely Representative 
  • Jamie Belsito 
  • Rep. Dan Cahill 
  • State Representative Pete Capano 
  • Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante 
  • State Representative Ken Goodman 
  • State Representative Richard M. Haggerty 
  • State Representative Brad Jones 
  • Representative Sally Kerans 
  • Representative Christina Minicucci 
  • State Rep. Lenny Mirra 
  • Representative Frank Moran 
  • State Rep. Tram T. Nguyen 
  • Representative Jerry Parisella 
  • Representative Dave Robertson 
  • Representative Paul Tucker State 
  • Representative Tom Walsh 
  • Representative Donald H. Wong