Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Order Your FREE Rapid Antigen At-Home Tests Now

FDA-authorized at-home rapid antigen tests are now available free of charge for every residential address in the U.S. these can be ordered online at www.COVIDtests.gov. There is a maximum of four tests per household -expect up to 12 days for shipment. 

Also, you should know - 

Insurance Reimbursement for At-⁠Home Tests 

Your health insurance company will pay you back for 8 at-⁠home tests per month for each person on the plan. 

At-⁠Home Tests at Retailers and Pharmacies 

At-⁠home tests are available for sale around the U.S. Check with local retailers and pharmacies to see where at-⁠home tests are available. 

20,000+ Free Testing Sites 

No-cost antigen and PCR COVID-⁠19 tests are available to everyone in the U.S., including the uninsured, at more than 20,000 sites nationwide.