Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ensuring proper safety on gas pipelines in Massachusetts

A recent series of investigative reports by television station NBC10-Boston have highlighted the disturbing situation of gas pressure not being properly monitored at projects being conducted by Columbia Gas, and possibly others in Massachusetts. Based on those reports, editorials in the Gloucester Daily Times, Eagle Tribune, Salem Evening News and Newburyport Daily News have made the compelling point that, based on this information, timely action must be taken.

Thus, in the new legislative session that begins on January 2, I will be filing legislation to require the Department of Public Utilities to issue regulations requiring the on-site monitoring of gas pressure at construction sites by qualified personnel. According to the preliminary Safety Recommendation Report from the National Transportation Safety Board in response to the gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley, Columbia Gas required this type of monitoring until "about 4 years ago."

Today I was interviewed by NBC 10 about this legislation and you can view the story at this link:

This story also appeared on NECN which and be viewed here:

You can read the editorials on this subject here:

The full interim report from the National Transportation Safety Board can be found here: