Monday, January 27, 2014

Statement on an Independent Investigation of DCF

Today I released the following statement regarding an independent investigation of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families conducted by the Child Welfare League of America:

“A thorough and unbiased third-party investigation is necessary and important to correcting problems at DCF, and my hope is that the Child Welfare League of America can provide such an investigation.  At a minimum it must be as comprehensive as possible, be able to go where the facts take it, seek and use information from many sources, and be produced through a transparent, accountable process that is supported by sufficient resources to get the job done.

The facts surrounding the case of Jeremiah Oliver, and those that have surfaced as a result of that case, are deeply disturbing and they demand that we all work to address this situation in an effective manner.  I appreciate today’s update from Governor Patrick, and hope that he will continue to openly report on the progress of CWLA’s efforts.”