Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Witnessing History Take Flight

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Collings Foundation, headquartered in Stow, MA, to see firsthand some of the historical transportation-related antiques that continue to be preserved and maintained.  Since 1979 the Collings Foundation has been organizing events across the country to bring to life transportation relics to enable Americans the opportunity to learn more about their heritage through participation.

Some events include antique car rallies, hill climbs, carriage and sleigh rides, a winter ice-cutting festival, air shows, and joint museum displays.  If given the opportunity you may see anything from an antique biplane to WWII fighter aircrafts to “Indy” race cars.  The Collings Foundation’s collection of vintage transportation-related vehicles is quite fascinating, and I encourage everyone to stop by one of their shows to see history in action.

To learn more about the Collings Foundation please click here to visit their website.