Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Statement on Gov. Patrick's Unemployment Insurance Rate Freeze Proposal

Today I released the following statement on behalf of the Senate Republican Caucus regarding the announcement by Governor Deval Patrick that he will be filing legislation to freeze the unemployment insurance rates paid by Massachusetts’ businesses for 2013:

“We’re glad to hear the Governor is joining us in seeking to combat unacceptable unemployment insurance rates and hope he will also join us as we seek to implement long-term reforms in the state’s unemployment insurance system to provide more stability, predictability and fairness to the employers and employees of the Commonwealth and eliminate the need for what has become an annual rate freeze exercise that leaves employers with the perennial uncertainty of whether or not they will face additional substantial increases.  The coming legislative session will offer us the opportunity to move beyond these necessary but one-time fixes to comprehensive solutions that promote economic growth.

We’re also glad to hear the Governor is responding to what has long been a priority of the caucus by including in his proposal a provision that will eliminate the Fair Share contribution for businesses.  Republicans in the House and Senate led a successful effort to increase the threshold for businesses impacted by the Fair Share assessment during the previous legislative session, and now we are on the verge of eliminating a cumbersome government mandate that has not promoted employment growth.”