Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Statement on the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School

Yesterday I released the following statement regarding the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School’s decision to surrender its charter at yesterday’s meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education:

“The entire experience with this charter school has proven that when a state agency fails to follow its own rules, that it can cause tremendous adverse consequences for all of the parties involved.

Now that the GCACS Charter will cease to exist, we all have an obligation to work together to move forward to ensure that all students in Gloucester have the best possible educational opportunities, and that innovation, excellence and creativity continue to be pursued with vigor.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shares in that obligation, and must do all within its power to provide school and city officials with the resources to recover from this experience with strength.  Although we are facing difficult budgetary constraints, that obligation must be recognized and acted upon.

I have spoken in this regard with Commissioner Chester and appreciate his understanding of my concerns.

In turn, today’s actions underscore the need for legislative reforms to prevent events of this nature from happening again.”