Thursday, August 2, 2012

Statement on Melissa's Bill Signing

Les Gosule, father of murder victim Melissa Gosule, and his grandson, Alex Mindich, are shown with me in my State House office this morning holding the pen used by Governor Patrick to sign Melissa’s Law. My statement is posted below.

After a long, difficult and challenging battle, justice prevailed today on Beacon Hill. While there was little fanfare surrounding the Governor’s signing of Melissa’s Law, it’s impacts will reverberate year after year as repeat violent felons and those serving multiple life sentences serve truthful prison terms that will prevent the future victimization of the citizens of the Commonwealth by its worst offenders. The inspirational efforts of the Maguire family and the Gosule family motivated a firmly committed Legislature to produce a good and balanced bill that should rightfully be remembered in the name of Melissa Gosule and those who have lost their lives at the hands of individuals who repeatedly demonstrated their disrespect for the laws by which we protect each other from harm. My hope is that these families can take comfort in knowing that their dedication and sacrifice have moved our democracy to action and that action will save lives.

The message from Beacon Hill today is clear: if you commit violent acts time and again, you will face the serious consequences that you deserve.