Friday, March 30, 2012

Protecting Addison Gilbert Hospital

Recently the state public health council and commissioner of Public Health John Auerbach considered and approved an affiliation agreement between Northeast Hospital Corporation and Lahey Clinic, which will essentially allow them to merge operations. Because this agreement has serious implications for the future of Addison Gilbert Hospital, Beverly Hospital and health care in our region, it has been important to secure assurances of and attention to the continued operation of these facilities.

In correspondence to the state regulators, I emphasized the critical nature of keeping our community hospitals open to provide care at the local level. A copy of my letter is posted below.

The commissioner and the council responded to the concerns that the community and its leaders raised by imposing several important conditions intended to promote the continued availability of service at Addison Gilbert Hospital and Beverly Hospital. The entire written approval can be viewed below.

Northeast Health Systems Lahey Clinics Merger Letters