Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Striving for Accountability

A $400+ million dollar spending bill is now pending before the Senate in an informal session, in which no formal debate occurs and no recorded roll call votes are taken. While supplemental budgets are sometimes approved in informal session to provide needed funds to avoid deficiencies in important accounts, this budget is particularly important because of its size and potential impact on the Commonwealth’s fiscal stability.

Because of this situation the Senate Republican Caucus objected yesterday and today to this supplemental budget being taken up immediately. We have done so to allow time to analyze the document itself and an amendment being offered to change some of its provisions.

In order to fully understand the ramifications of passing the supplemental budget, which is H.5028, today we sent a letter to Governor Patrick seeking important information with a direct bearing on the issues presented by this budget. You can read that letter by viewing the document below.

2010.10.05 Letter to Gov for Deficiency Details SIGNED