Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Progress on the Bridge

The project to reconstruct and rehabilitate the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge, which carries Route 128 over the Annisquam River, is making tremendous progress. Please click "Read more" to view the most recent update from the Massachusetts Highway Department.

Photo showing demolition and preparation for the new concrete bridge deck at the median.

Release Date – December 1, 2009

Municipality Gloucester
Project Bridge Preservation: Route 128 over the Annisquam River
Status 73% complete
Cost $25,500,000
Description The work involves the removal and replacement of the wearing surface of the bridge deck along with rehabilitation of the superstructure and portions of the substructure on Bridge No. G-05-017 carrying Route 128 over the Annisquam River in Gloucester. The project will also include replacement of the sidewalks along with significant structural repairs and painting portions of the superstructure. A new wearing surface will be placed on the bridge along with a new median barrier. The existing bridge railing will be refurbished and a suicide deterrent safety screen will be erected along the sidewalk. SPS New England, Inc. is completing the work.

Current Project Status – The project is currently working under Stage III of the traffic management plan which has temporary concrete barrier installed along the skip lines for both the northbound and southbound lanes reducing traffic to one lane (outside lane) in each direction. This traffic setup will be in place during the fall and winter months and will allow the Contractor to demolish and replace the bridge deck and guard rail at the center median. Concrete deck repairs and a new concrete overlay will also be done to the inside (high speed) lanes. The Contractor has completed most of the masonry repairs/rehabilitation below the bridge. Structural steel repairs continue. The placement of the concrete overlay in the right travel lane in each direction has been completed. The Contractor continues to sand blast and paint the structural steel on the underside of the bridge. The Contractor continues to work Saturdays and Sundays, as needed, as well as extended hours during the week to remain within the approved schedule of operations.

Note: Additional project information and history can be found by visiting MassDOT’s website at: http://www.massdot.state.ma.us and clicking on the Projects tab, then selecting “Current Road and Bridge Projects” and after entering the City of Gloucester, select Project No. 604797.