Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebrating Christmas on U.S.S. Constitution

Through the generous invitation of Captain Timothy Cooper and the crew of U.S.S. Constitution, I was able to attend the Christmas tree lighting ceremony aboard “Old Ironsides” on the 6th of December. The lighting and display of a Christmas tree aboard the ship is one of many traditions carried on by the dedicated crew of a ship which is one of the revered symbols of our nation’s resolve to defend the ideals of freedom and liberty for all.

Below I am pictured with BMC Robert Breaker, a Rowley resident attached to the United States Coast Guard’s Sector Boston. Also pictured with me, in the second photo, is Lt. James J. Murphy of the Marine Guard. Lt. Murphy, having served with distinction in the United State Marine Corps, now ensured the safety of the Captain and crew of U.S.S. Constitution.