Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fast Lane Audit Request Pays Dividends

In February, amid reports that motorists with Fast Lane transponders were being overcharged, I requested an audit of the system by State Auditor DeNucci. I was joined in making the request by Senators Tisei of Wakefield, Knapik of Westfield, Hedlund of Weymouth and Brown of Wrentham.

The auditor acted on this request promptly and effectively, confirming the overcharging problem and making recommendations to prevent it from continuing. He deserves special thanks for his responsiveness.

Hopefully turnpike officials will move forward in ensuring that no motorist is charged more than the actual toll which is appropriate in each instance.

A copy of the audit report summary is available by clicking on "Read more" below. Please check back with Tarr Talk to follow this ongoing story.

Auditor Report Re Fastlane 080509