Monday, July 11, 2016

Funding for Phyllis A Secured in Budget

For several years I have been working to build legislative support to bolster the efforts of the Phyllis A. Marine Association to restore on of Gloucester's most important surviving fishing vessel as it enters its next stage of restoration. Now that persistence is producing results.

When the Senate debated the state budget for the current fiscal year in May, I offered an amendment to provide not less than $60,000 for the restoration of the Phyllis A., and capitalized on the legislative support we have built by getting it passed. Next, the amendment was included in the final version of the budget by the House and Senate conference committee. Finally, Governor Baker approved and signed the budget which mandated the funding.

The historic nature of the iconic Phyllis A is significant and all who crewed her or were well served by her, will someday in the future, be honored by her stem to stern rejuvenation.

Now that state funding is assured under the new budget, I hope that others will be encouraged to give tangible support to the Association leaders and volunteers who have been working diligently to restore this culturally and historically important vessel.

Today, Sean Horgan of the Gloucester Daily Times reported on this effort, and you can read his story by clicking below.