Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MBTA Agrees to Shift Rockport Tracks

Locomotives to be Moved Away From Evans Field 

Boston-  Residents and visitors to Rockport will soon have better and safer access to Evans field as a result of an agreement secured by legislators and local officials with the MBTA to relocate tracks at the town’s commuter rail station within the next several weeks, according to state Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester).
The MBTA has confirmed with my office that they are committed to assigning a crew to relocate the tracks at Rockport Station so that the locomotives are kept further away from Evans Field,” said Senator Tarr.  “As the terminus of the MBTA line, Rockport provides an invaluable service for public transportation and Rockport’s residents deserve to have their concerns heard and addressed.”
Tarr, who led discussions to secure the relocation with the assistance of state Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester), said that getting the tracks moved is the product of intense discussions with MBTA and town officials over the past several weeks.
“The town administrator and the selectmen made it clear that safe access to Evans Field is a major priority for the town that must be addressed, and together we have worked with the MBTA to get it done,” said Tarr.
Tarr noted that progress on the track change also resulted from collaboration on other station improvements, such as the impending upgrade of its electrical power system to minimize idling time for locomotives remaining at the station overnight. “Rockport showed good faith in granting the necessary easements for the power system upgrade, and the MBTA is responding to our concerns,” said Tarr.
As the layover facility for the MBTA commuter rail system for the North Shore branch, locomotives have regularly been left at idle overnight and at other times in an area immediately adjacent to the heavily used play field.