Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Special Panel’s Report on the MBTA

Yesterday Governor Baker and the special panel he appointed to investigate the state of the MBTA and commuter rail system released a report on the beleaguered agency.  Contained within the report are key findings such as an unsustainable operating budget, chronic capital underinvestment, lack of accountability, and absenteeism.

Also noted within the report are several recommendations made by the committee.  Those recommendations include:

·         Capital planning;

·         Capturing revenue opportunities;

·         Installing new fiscal and management oversight including a fiscal control board;

·         Becoming more customer service oriented; and

·         Updating system routes.

The special panel’s report has provided a tremendous amount of information, and now it is time for the Governor and the Legislature to work together in securing the public’s trust by delivering a first class transit system that everyone can rely on.

Posted below is the special panel’s report on the MBTA that was released.