Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revolutionizing License Plates for Public Safety

Today the legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation held a public hearing on S.1798, “An Act to Enhance the License Plate System of the Commonwealth,” which I have filed in memory of Molly Bish, the teenager from Warren, MA who was tragically abducted in 2000.

S.1798 would establish a new license plate system in our Commonwealth based on a concept developed by Gary Richard of Beverly. That concept, known as EZ-ID, replaces the currently used license plate format of strings of unrelated characters and numbers, with a much simpler design with a clearly recognizable large symbol and no more than four numbers and/or letters. The result is a license plate which can be much more easily read, identified and remembered.

The benefits of this change would be many in number, but the goal of the bill is to make license plates far more effective in their main purpose: to facilitate the identification of motor vehicles. In turn, this would significantly enhance public safety by allowing victims, witnesses and others to more easily report critical information about a vehicle’s identity.

Today Molly’s parents, John and Magi, presented compelling testimony in support of the bill, and they were joined by Gary Richard.

Please tune in to the evening news on FOX 25 at 6:00pm for coverage of the hearing. Posted below is information about EZ-ID, along with two photos that was taken today in my office of John and Magi Bish, Gary Richard, and I. To learn more about EZ-ID please click here.