Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Agencies Developing Emergency Preparedness Plans

With the approach of Hurricane Earl, public safety agencies across the Commonwealth are preparing for the potential increased need for services. My office has been and will remain in contact with many of them, including the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). MEMA personnel are working diligently to ensure that our state stays ahead of any emergency needs that arise.

Over the next several hours we will post some contact information that might be helpful in the event of a major storm impact.

One valuable source of weather information is the National Weather Service, which provides forecasts and other relevant information. You can visit the agency’s web site by clicking here.

Current forecasts predict that Earl will pass by Massachusetts late Friday night/early Saturday morning, producing some significant weather impacts, including wind and rain.

Presently I am planning to provide WBZ-TV Channel 4 reporter Christina Hager with an update for tonight’s newscast at 11:00pm.